Short-Term Programs will be offering two courses over the summer of 2023. These two courses will be held at The Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering in Huntsville, Alabama.

    • Access to Curriculum (6th - 8th grade) June 18th - June 23rd
    • Access to Curriculum (9th - 12th grade) June 25th - June 30th

    Access to Curriculum courses are highly intensive classes that focus on compensatory skills needed by learners with visual impairments to access the regular curriculum. Typical ratios are a teacher and teaching assistant with two or three students working on similar objectives. The students’ local teachers select their student’s objectives through discussions with Short-Term Program teachers. Popular topics are technology, maximizing the use of low vision, Braille/Nemeth, and math or science tools and concepts. Students in all Short-Term Program courses also receive training in social, self-determination, and independent living skills after school while in the dorm. The purpose of this course will be to increase each student’s ability to access the Alabama Course of Study by using a specific adaptive skill set. Short-Term Program teachers will need to know your student’s current level of performance in the identified skill areas. We ask that TVI’s integrate these newly acquired skills into their student’s daily lessons after the student completes this course. Any software that will be used during the Short-Term Program course (e.g. JAWS, ZoomText, Microsoft Suite) must be installed on the student’s device prior to the course. It is required that the student brings the device (e.g. laptop or BrailleNote) with them to use during the course. Familiarity with their own device ensures confidence. Students are more likely to maintain and grow their newly acquired skills using equipment that they are already familiar with.

    If you have a student that you feel would benefit from and is interested in taking one of the above courses, please complete the Short-Term Program Referral Form below. These courses only have availability for 10 students each, so they will fill-up quickly. Due to this, each course will be on a first come, first serve basis.

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