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The Winners Are In For This Year’s Alabama School for the Deaf Youth Ambassador Program

Every year, students from Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD) compete in the school’s Youth Ambassador Program to become the 2022-2023 Youth Ambassadors and earn the title of Mister and Miss ASD. This year, Mister Andarius Fitten and Miss Mia Teague took home the crown.

This year’s event was hosted by the Mister and Mistress of Ceremonies, the 2021-2022 Youth Ambassadors, Denijah Swain and Ashley Wentworth. 

Some of the highlights of this year’s event, themed “Show Your True Colors,” included a Talent Showcase and a Business Attire/Interview Round. 

Miss Antonia Coj-Ruiz, sponsored by Megan Everett, opened the talent showcase by performing a high-energy dance to the hit song No Lie by Sean Paul. 

Next, Miss Mia Teague, sponsored by McKayla Vaughn, gave a jaw-dropping performance of an American Sign Language (ASL) Song to Fight Song by Rachel Platten. 

The whole audience was laughing as Miss Lily Tucker, sponsored by Nichole Bowen, performed the comedic skit Do You Work Here

The audience leaned in as Mister Andarius Fitten, sponsored by Marlon White, performed the ASL Poem Lesson Learned Every Day by Catherine Pulsifer. 

Mister Austin Hayes, sponsored by William Jennison, had the audience cheering as he performed an ASL Personification titled Pigskin

Next, Mister Dominick Jefferson, sponsored by Amanda White, captured everyone’s attention with a self-written ASL Poem titled The Earth

And finally, Mister Triallen Washington, sponsored by Cedric Tyson, captured everyone’s attention as he spoke out against bullying with his self-written poem titled Not My Problem

During the Business Attire/Interview round, each student was asked why they wanted to be an ASD Youth Ambassador. 

“I want to be a great leader and role model,” said Miss Mia Teague. “I want to be encouraging to other students at ASD.” 

Mister Andarius Fitten agreed by saying “I want to show other students that the more you get involved, the better.” 

The program was judged by a four-person panel including Harry Wood, Trainer, National Technical Institute for the Deaf Regional STEM Center; Abby Burke, Trainer, Regional Early Acquisition of Language Program; Steve Dye, Pastor; and Tamera Hardaway, Case Manager for the Deaf, Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind Talladega Regional Center. 

In addition to naming Mister and Miss ASD, the judges awarded Mia Teague on congeniality and Mister Triallen Washington on best talent.