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#HumansOfAIDB - Chad Flemming

Meet Chad Fleming! Chad works as the Dormitory Program Supervisor at AIDB Alabama School for the Deaf - ASD Silent Warriors.We recently sat down with him to talk about the most influential person in his life. Here's what he had to say!

“My grandmother. She recently passed with dementia. She taught Special Education. She encouraged me to get the education that got me where I am today. I’ve worked with AIDB for over 20 years.

I worked in the dorms at Helen Keller School for 6 years and am now at ASD. To me, it’s home. I graduated from a mainstream school in Daphne but this… This is home.”

#HumansOfAIDB is our way of showcasing the people who help make AIDB #DeafBlindLimitless! Follow along as we meet people from around AIDB's programs who transform the lives of those we serve beyond all expectations! For more stories from our #HumansOfAIDB series, visit