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Riders Club 2019/2020 Team Announcement!

We are happy to announce this year's Riders Club team members! After going through a three-step tryout process, 31 students sucessfully qualified to be on team! You can see these students and their certificates on our Photo Gallery page (students not pictured: Shea Mitchell, Jacob Seago, and Jessica Mesino). Here is a complete list of our 2019/2020 team, the schools they attend, and the days they will have practice:

Monday Drill Team:

  • Maybelle McCormick (ASD)
  • Lila Kochie (ASD)
  • Darin Thomas (ASD)
  • Kaleigh Gable (ASB)
  • Dalton Amos (ASB)


  • Charli Strawn (ASB)
  • Zoe Catoe (ASB)
  • Kentavious Tinniehill (ASB)
  • Andre Garrett (ASB)
  • Lillian Jones (ASB)
  • Erin Paulson (ASB)
  • Laura Nolen (ASB)


  • Peter Cote (ASD)
  • Jaiden Hollis (ASD)
  • N'veya Robinson (ASD)
  • Jessica Mesino (ASD)
  • Sheyanne Jessie (ASD)
  • Ke'Arrie Brooks (ASD)
  • Gabby Brown (ASD)
  • Kalynne Malo (ASD)
  • Shea Mitchell (ASD)
  • Jacob Seago (HKS)


  • Taylor Gannon (HKS)
  • George Meyer (HKS)
  • Ricky Pastrana (HKS)
  • Samantha Williams (HKS)
  • Jeffrey Oliver (HKS)
  • Tae'lor Robinson (ASB)
  • Josie Johnson (ASB)
  • Abigail Theiss (ASB)
  • Adalynne Parrish (ASB)


Congratulations to all of our MGH Riders Club members! Practice begins 9/9/19 from 3:30pm-5:00pm. We are so excited to get this year started!