R-4099 Teacher (Elementary Department) Alabama School for the Deaf

  R-4099 Reference#312010551

  Posting Date: May 14, 2019

AIDB is sensitive to the needs of individuals who are Blind or Visually Impaired and/or Deaf or Hard of Hearing and for qualified applicants and employees will make reasonable accommodations.

POSITION:     Teacher (Elementary Department)

Alabama School for the Deaf


  • Must possess or be eligible to obtain an Alabama Teaching Certificate upon first day of employment.
  • Must possess certification in Deaf Education within first thirty (30) months of employment.
  • Experience working with deaf and hard of hearing individuals is desired.
  • Allapplicants must provide documentation of sign language proficiency or take a sign language proficiency evaluation (SCPI available through AIDB).
  • Must possess sign language proficiency level of INTERMEDIATE upon employment.  INTERMEDIATE PLUS must be obtained within 18 months of employment. ADVANCED must be obtained within 30 months of employment.
  • Upon offer of employment, the ABI/FBI record check must be completed based on the Alabama Child Protection Act of 1999 pursuant to Act 2002-457. A non-refundable fee of $48.15 is required at the scheduled appointment.  Suitable criteria must be confirmed by the Alabama State Department of Education prior to beginning to work. 


  • Be willing to teach other subject areas as needed depending on schedule and/or student needs.
  • Develop and implement Individualized Education Plans (IEP) for each assigned student based on the school curriculum and state standards.
  • Develop, submit, and implement course overviews, lesson plans, substitute teacher plans, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a classroom learning environment conducive to individual student achievement.
  • Determine student programmatic needs relative to materials and supplies, submit requests/recommendations as deemed appropriate.
  • Develop a thorough knowledge of the school’s Communication and Language Policies and Procedures and adhere to these at all times.
  • Evaluate and report as deemed appropriate, student’s progress and modify student instruction accordingly.
  • Assist students in developing personal/social skills which may include proper personal hygiene skills, interpersonal relationship skills, etc.
  • Determine standards for classroom behavior and provide discipline measures for students according to the standards set by ASD Student Handbook.
  • Maintain such records and reports as deemed appropriate (grades, attendance, IEPs, testing, and etc.) and assist in explaining to parents.
  • Inform appropriate office personnel of child’s medical condition/needs and escort child to school infirmary.
  • Possess or develop competency in use and maintenance of auditory equipment, to include student personal hearing aids, classroom amplification and various media equipment. Insure proper student use and care of personal and school amplification equipment.
  • Possess or develop competence in use of computer programs.
  • Insure that students wear glasses as recommended and request maintenance and repairs as needed.
  • Participate in staffing of students.
  • Accept responsibility of assignments made by principal or department director which may include activities such as lunchroom duty, displays/bulletin board assignments, monthly theme activities, etc.
  • Initiate, plan, and cooperate in field trips as deemed necessary. Assist in supervision of all ASD students on such trips.
  • Develop and maintain a positive learning atmosphere and environment.
  • Cooperate and communicate effectively and professionally all matters regarding the student, the department, the school, and AIDB, to parents, other teachers, administrators, support personnel and related school staff and the general public.
  • Punctual and regular in attending classes, meetings, conferences and other school related duties.
  • Responsible for effective utilization of teacher aides within classroom setting as assigned by the Director.
  • Participate in workshops and staff in-service programs as scheduled.
  • Assist with in-service training for personnel within the school, state, or region.
  • Exhibit appropriate grooming and dress which serves as an acceptable role model for students.
  • Maintain working knowledge of AIDB Policies and Procedures, ASD Staff Manual, and ASD Student Handbook
  • Attend and/or assist in various extracurricular activities.
  • Assist with extracurricular/after school activities which may include the Miss ASD Pageant, Parades, Career day, Athletic Events, Dorm Activities, Academic Bowl, Clubs and Organizations, etc.
  • Assist with duties in department/departments assigned.
  • Possible Flexible Schedule Required.
  • Encouraged to become involved in athletic programs as coach/assistant coach.
  • Work as a team member.
  • Deal pleasantly and courteously with suppliers, customers, co-workers, staff from other departments, and co-workers by phone, email, other written correspondence (including the many technical communication avenues available to adults and children.
  • Other duties as assigned.


SALARY: $40,784 - $54,317      Scale I1   Rank 2T   (BS-Rank II Certification)

                $47,805 - $62,387      Scale I1   Rank 1T   (MA-Rank I Certification)

                $50,891 - $65,929      Scale I1   Rank AA (AA Certification)


                        Direct deposit is required.

                              187 Days

This is an exempt position, and is not subject to overtime or compensatory provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Ac                                  


This position is funded by a grant award, funded by revenue generated, necessary for compliance or provides direct service delivery.

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