R-9512 Temporary Job Coach- Special Projects NRSC/REAL/CATT Events (February 15, 2023- August 15, 2023)


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R-9512 Reference#328249051

Posting Date-February 10, 2023


Candidates who are blind or visually impaired and/or deaf or hard of hearing are encouraged to apply for this position and may be given preference in hiring as permitted by federal laws.  Information related to disability is not required, and if disclosed voluntarily, will be used only in AIDB’s efforts to create opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Non-disclosure will not subject any applicant to adverse treatment.



POSITION: Temporary Job Coach- Special Projects

NRSC/REAL/CATT Events (February 15, 2023- August 15, 2023)



  • Must possess high school diploma or equivalent. 
  • Preference may be given to persons with experience working with the ASD and ASB Career/Technical and/or Work Experience/Summer Work Program. .
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Alabama Driver’s License and be able to be insured through AIDB.
  • Must be willing to travel and work flexible hours. 
  • Be on call and work as needed based on program/student needs (work schedule determined daily and/or weekly).



  • Work in cooperation with Special Projects Staff by reproducing materials, reviewing employment reports/papers, recording employment reports/grades, completing/filing reports, typing, delivering, copying, laminating, preparing schedules, answering phones and performing other clerical duties.
  • Carry out supervision and instructional duties under Special Projects direction, including on-campus and off-campus work sites.
  • Assist Special Projects Director in the evaluation and enhancement of student work skills and program effectiveness.
  • Assist in the evaluation of the Special Projects WEP and SWP through situational assessment of students at job sites and the collection of data from other individuals involved in the transition process including employers and the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (this will likely include overnight travel during the summer months).
  • Assist in maintaining records related to Department of Labor guidelines for students participating in Special Projects WEP and SWP.
  • Use tact and friendliness with parents, employers, VR Personnel and all other non-staff personnel in a constant public relations program.
  • Assist Special Projects Director with liaison activities between NRSC/REAL/CATT and employers to assure mutual satisfaction.
  • Assist Special Projects director with liaison activities between NRSC/REALCATT and the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation (ADRS).
  • Conduct self and dress in such a manner that sets a good example for the students.
  • Work cooperatively as a team with other school personnel to best serve the students.
  • Transport and chaperone students to Special Projects WEP and SWP job placements, on field trips and to other locations as needed.
  • Adhere to guidelines established in the AIDB/ADRS Job Coach Contract
  • Follow AIDB Communication Policy in communicating with the students.
  • Deal with emergency situations in a calm and logical manner.
  • Assist with information gathering related to ASD/ASB Graduates as related to updating employment information and graduation document upgrades.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


SALARY:      $18.43    per hour               Rank SI         Scale HS

Salary Based on experience and current hourly rate of pay.

Direct deposit is required.

Salary is based on 230-days according to the AIDB calendar.

This is a non-exempt position, and is subject to overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. 




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