AIB Support Services

  • AIB is a division of the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB) which serves more than 31,000 people with services for people who are deaf, blind, deafblind, and multidisabled. 

    At AIB, our goal is to provide support as necessary to ensure that our employees are as successful as they can be. Some of the many ways this support is provided include:

    Supportive Housing

    Our Supportive Housing Program offers limitless opportunities for individuals who are deaf, blind, limitless. Our supportive housing community offers a safe, affordable and accessible place to live while you train and work at our plant with a variety of services from transportation to and from work to help with daily independent living skills as you need them. Our permanent housing program is comprised of a community of people who live independently with access to all of the services offered by AIB and AIDB. You will have a private room in one of our four cottages. Each cottage has a shared common area with a shared living room and kitchen. Currently we also have individual houses under construction for those who wish to have a more private setting.

    Transportation Services

    AIB/AIDB provides transportation to and from work at no cost to the employee. During the day and evenings we offer a low-cost bus route to all the popular places someone would need to go in Talladega. We also provide transportation at a very affordable rate so our employees who are visually impaired can get to doctor's appointments and other medical facilities.

    Recreational Program

    AIB/AIDB offers transportation to a number of events we sponsor throughout the year. From a Valentine’s Ball to shopping trips, Equestrian events, wrestling matches at the Alabama School for the Blind to a night out at a nearby restaurant, something is always going on in the AIB family and we want you to join us!  

    Meal Delivery Services

    For a small fee you can order a meal from our meals program delivered right to your front door. Whether you live in our Supportive Housing Program or somewhere in our lovely city, this service is there for you with delicious meals delivered five nights a week.

    While working at AIB you will have access to all of the these and many other supportive services available at AIDB. To learn more about these services visit