Work and Grow With Us

  • At AIB, we start by providing the necessary training needed for an individual to be productive in the workplace while growing their dreams through our programs. From on-the-job training as a production worker in our facilities in Talladega and Birmingham to our outreach programs across the Southeast, AIB has a place for you and offers the training you desire to achieve your goals.

    While working at AIB, you will have the opportunity to train in our "in-house" upward mobility program where you could advance from production worker to a member of the AIB management team to various other leadership roles within the organization. But for our workers, personal development doesn't stop there. We will provide you with access to all the tools throughout AIDB to fulfill your ambitions within AIB and beyond. For our employees, "the possibilities really are limitless!" 

    You will also have access to AIDB's nationally renowned E. H. Gentry Facility. There you can access a variety of programs, such as academics, independent living, assistive technology, computer skills, WorkKeys®/Career Readiness Certification, work experience, job skills training, Braille classes, introduction to automotive service, Ready-to-work curriculum and much more. Click here to learn more about E. H. Gentry Facility.