• The professionals of Health and Clinical Services (HCS) strive to discover tools, strategies, techniques to assist our students as they work to achieve their goals through successful access to their education environment.

    Services and activities include coordinating evaluations, providing teacher consultations and training, participating in IEP meetings, ordering prescribed medications, obtaining needed adaptive equipment or supplies and instructing staff on how to use the recommended equipment... and much more!

    From our audiology and low vision clinics to a fully functional dental office and nursing clinic that is staffed 24 hours a day while school is in session; we are prepared to provide the medical care that students need while on campus. Our psychology department provides therapists and counselors who work hand-in-hand with teachers, job coaches, vocational rehabilitation staff and families to find the approach that best accommodates a child’s needs. Our speech and language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists and the equine therapy provided at the Marianna Greene Henry Special Equestrian program provides students with activities designed to exercise static muscles, improve balance and motor skills, improve verbal skills, and build self-esteem, confidence, and pride. Senior Services provides services to senior citizens through the state of Alabama. 

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