• Occupational and Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapist working with student  

    Our occupational therapist help students with basic school occupations such as; getting dressed, sitting at a table to eat, navigating through buildings and sitting upright to copying notes. AIDB believes in helping students live the most independent life as possible, regardless of disability. With that in mind our Occupational Therapy Department offers feeding class for students who have difficulty feeding themselves. These classes teach students how to feed themselves without the aid of a teacher, nurse or caregiver

    AIDB physical therapists are able to integrate therapy into the child’s natural environment and school day routine.  This approach involves three components of intervention: Coordination/Communication, child-related instruction, and direct therapeutic interventions.  These areas of practice in the school setting encourage team work between the physical therapist, the child’s family, teachers, administrators, and other school personnel.  This approach is recognized as the best practice standard as defined under the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice and the American Physical Therapy Association.  Services may include direct service for the child and/or indirect service on behalf of the child.  Direct services include treatments such as strengthening, balance training, gait training, and many others. Indirect services on behalf of the child include communication with other service providers, coordination of equipment needs, and adaptation of the classroom environment, educating or training families, caregivers, and school staff to optimize physical therapy services. Physical Therapy Related Service providers do not provide therapy for short term medical needs or to correct impairments which do not relate to the child’s participation and ability to benefit from his or her education.  Physical Therapy at AIDB is provided in a positive, fun environment with the whole child in mind.  The focus is on helping children live a happy, fulfilling life, and maximizing their abilities to promote independence. AIDB Physical Therapists offer some specialized programs such as the Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE) program, Hippotherapy at the AIDB MGH Arena, Education Village, and the I Can Do It, You Can Do It program.  Every effort is made to help the child succeed at school, home, and in the community.