• About HCS


    A view of the front of the Alabama Power Foundation Nursing Clinic Health and Clinic Services are related services. We assist the students at our three schools with successfully accessing the academic environment. These services and activities may include but not limited to: coordinating evaluations, providing teacher consultations and in-service/training sessions, participating in IEP meetings, ordering prescribed medications, researching/collecting needed adaptive equipment/supplies and then instructing staff on how to use/implement the recommended equipment. 

    Zig Ziglar said, "If you want to achieve your goals, help other achieve theirs." 

    The professionals of Health and Clinical Services strive to discover tools, strategies, techniques to assit our students to achieve their goals. 

    What does that assistance look like and where is it provided? It's the visit to the locker room by the occupational therapist to assist students with dressing skills before and after swim during PE classes, it is the physical therapist walking a student around campus to increase endurance, it is the nurse who sits in the classroom to ensure his well-being. It is the Admissions staff consoling a mother of a three-year-old as she prepares to leave her child to receive a premium education.