• Services that we provide:

    • Student Observations & Recommendations
    • File Review
    • Consultation - to parents/guardians, teachers
    • Assist with IEP Development; attend meetings
    • Evaluations
      • Achievement
      • Behavior
      • Developmental
      • Intelligence
      • Language

    What we do NOT do:

    • We do not provide direct services to the student (no teaching, no therapy, no student counseling, etc.)
    • We do not recruit for AIDB schools. Our goal is to help our clients where they are. 
    • We do not investigate. We have no interest in critiquing schools or families - our focus is on the students themselves.

    We are neutral partners in the educational process, supporting the success of Deaf & Hard of Hearing students in Alabama.

  • The AIDB Outreach program started in 2014 to assist Alabama schools and parents to appropriately serve students with sensory loss. Applicants may be referred by AIDB Regional Center staff, school personnel, parents/guardians, or any other professionals who work with the child. Here's how to get started:

    1.Most often, referrals are received through our Outreach@aidb.org email.

    2.Once received, we contact the individual or agency who made the referral - to coordinate the next step. Then we provide our services directly to the student.

    3.These are usually followed up with a confidential report. All reports are given to both the parents and the school, and may even be provided in Spanish if needed.