• There are many ways to give.

    All donations are welcome.  Large, small, one-time, continuous endowments and deferred gifts - all of these tax-deductible donations work to support the program.  All donors will be given appropriate recognition.  For example, the tack room bears the name of a generous donor.  Other facilities are available for donor recognition in perpetuity.

    Here are a few ways to make your tax-deductible gift:

    Cash: Usually in the form of a check, this is the most common form of charitable giving.  Some choose to make a gift as a memorial or to honor a loved one

    Gifts In Kind: Donations of equipment, horses, feed, land or other valuables that can be used or sold to support the program. CLICK HERE to donate a horse.

    Deferred Giving: Many people remember charities in their wills by leaving property, insurance benefits, income producing trusts or a combination of these.  Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (256) 761-3202 if you have questions about this option.

    Planning Your Year End Giving- Any time is the ideal time to make a charitable gift to the MGH Foundation.  So as you plan your year-end giving, please consider contributing to one of our charitable accounts available through the MGH Foundation.

    Endowments- Donors may wish to establish an endowment or add to an existing endowment.  Endowment funds are a bulk sum of money, the principle of which is not used. Each endowment accumulates interest over time and only the profit made from that interest is spent.  This means your gift keeps giving continuously without ever exhausting the principle!  What’s more, any pledge to the endowment fund of $10,000 or more entitles the donor to a separate endowment fund named in honor of either themselves or a loved one.  

    Currently our endowment fund is over $1 million with a goal of $2 million.  If you would like more information, feel free to call Tim Greene at (256)-761-3364 or Jessica Edmiston at (256)-761-3470.

    Capital Fund- This fund is specifically dedicated to ensure that the resources needed to maintain optimal daily operations are always available. These funds can also be put towards expanding, restoring, or replacing existing structures or equipment.  General operating expenses are constantly rising as our program continues to thrive and donors are encouraged to make tax-deductible contributions to support these growing needs.

    Gifts-In-Kind- MGH will always accept items as well as monetary donations.  Tack, equipment, copy paper, brooms…anything equestrian or office related is welcome, even horses in need of a good home (horses must be sound and healthy and will be on a 90 day trial basis before being accepted into our program). If we can use it, it will be tax deductible.

    Rider & Horse Sponsorships- Through our Adopt-A-Rider/ Horse sponsorship, donors can sponsor one or more students per year, or forever through multiple giving options. With a gift of $1,000.00 per year, you can sponsor a horse or a rider. Opportunities are also available to endow a rider forever by creating a named sponsorship through a planned gift to MGH.

    When you adopt a rider, you are helping him or her grow stronger in his or her skills and confidence. The adoption of a horse helps us to pay for veterinary services, farrier services, feed and any other expenses that may arise. We promise complete satisfaction!

    Please call Arena Coordinator Tim Greene at (256) 761-3364 to find out how YOU can make a difference in the life of a child!

    Another rewarding way to give is your time.  MGH always needs volunteers to help with classes, or if you would rather help in the clerical department, you are more than welcome.  

    Also, if you have any unique fundraising ideas that you believe would benefit MGH, please let us know! We are always welcoming fresh ideas!

    Make your tax deductible commitment today to the Special Equestrians Program.  Send your support to:

    The Marianna Greene Henry Foundation

    29401 Alabama Hwy. 21 South

    Talladega, AL  35160

    If you have questions, please call:  

    Jessica Westbrook (256)-761-3571

    Tim Greene (256)-761-3364