Our Success Stories

  • EHG graduate Joey Woodle sits in the cab of the 18-wheeler he can now legally drive Joey Woodle is a Gentry success story. Profoundly deaf, his goal has always been to become a commercial truck driver. Woodle possessed knowledge and personal experience since his father and brother both worked in this industry, but he was unable to pass the Commercial Driver’s written permit test. With the combined efforts of Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and AIDB, Woodle began a program at E.H. Gentry to expose him to the linguistic structure, question format, and vocabulary in addition to the rules and regulations which govern commercial truckers. He obtained his permit and enrolled in a course at Central Alabama Community College in Alexander City. He has since obtained his Commercial Driving License and is now on the open road.

  • EHG graduate Dakota Stone behind the counter at Ace Hardware After completing his program at E.H. Gentry, Dakota Stone has been employed at Ace Hardware in Talladega. He shared that Gentry “prepared me academically, socially and emotionally for work.  I was quiet & timid when I first started the program. I left feeling prepared and confident.” Stone has recently given a promotion and a raise. In addition, he recommended Gentry’s program to his sister Ja’Kell.




    EHG graduate Ja'Kell Stone at work at Ace Hardware Ja’Kell Stone shared that she enjoyed her Job Skills training so much that she opted to seek permanent employment at Ace Hardware. The staff at Ace Hardware shared that customers are often willing to wait just to be served by Ja’Kell. She has been employed at Ace since October 2017 and shared, “Gentry helped me become more confident and learn how to work under pressure. I learned how to keep a positive attitude. The staff helped me to learn to be professional and to always keep my head up, even when I have a bad day.”