General Services

  • In General Services, it is our goal to assist students in reaching their limitless potential! Potential students meet with our evaluator to pinpoint areas of interests, strengths, and abilities and our team develops an individualized plan to help you become the best that you can possibly be!

    Come see what E.H. Gentry has to offer! To schedule a tour please contact: 

    Dr. Yevette Pearce, Ed.D.
    Director of Student and General Services, Adult Education or (256) 761-3695

    Suzy McCollough
    Case Manager for General Services or (256) 761-3451

  • Academics
    E. H. Gentry’s academic classes are individualized to meet the specific needs of each student. Students may enter with a goal of obtaining their high school diploma, earn their GED or academic remediation. Depending on their goal, the student may be enrolled in Gentry’s Adult Education system which will establish and track their educational and employment progress.

    Independent Living
    Home Management – Students are introduced to safety in the kitchen, basic preparation, cooking techniques, recipe study, meal planning and preparation, use of tools and equipment and comparative shopping.

    Personal Management – Students are provided instruction in all areas needed to live independently. Topics of instruction include communication, daily living, maintaining a household, and self-care, as well as work and study habits.

    WorkKeys® /Career Readiness Certification
    Gentry provides remediation in the core WorkKeys® areas of Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Reading for Information.  A student who earns a WorkKeys® level of 3 or greater in each of these areas qualifies for an Alabama Career Readiness Certificate.  A work readiness certificate is a credential that documents an individual’s WorkKeys® scores for prospective employers.

    Work Experience
    The E.H. Gentry Work Experience Program gives students the opportunity to develop work skills that will help them transition into the workplace. All jobs in Work Experience are real work in which work skills and work habits are assessed.

    Job Skills Training
    Nothing is more empowering than the feeling of receiving your first paycheck.  At Gentry, students learn the necessary tools and techniques needed to compete for the job of their choice. Our job coaches help students gain first-hand experience by working in real jobs either on campus or in the community.

    Driver's Education and Road Skills

    Gentry recognizes the importance of having an Alabama Driver License when it comes to navigating toward a successful future. Offering adult Driver Training classes to prepare individuals for the Alabama Learner License assessment, Gentry also offers road skills training for individuals who have already earned their Learner License.

    Alabama Certified Workers Certification- AIDT- “Ready to Work” – Allows students to develop their vocabulary, knowledge, and communication skills for the workplace.

    • ACT WorkKeys- applied math, workplace documents, and graphic literacy skills
    • Technology Basics-Document Management, Information Curation, Working online, Social Networking, Virtual Team Tools, and Productivity Tools skills
    • FDIC- Money Management skills
    • Communication- Non-verbal Skills, Verbal Skills, and Working in Teams skills
    • Workplace Behaviors- Diversity, Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment, Ethics, and Safety skills
    • Problem Solving- “Six-Steps”, Decision making, Time Management, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution skills
    • Job Prep- Career Exploration, Job Application, Resume Writing and Interviewing skills