Services for the DeafBlind

  • Students who have both a hearing and vision loss receive specialized instruction within Gentry's DeafBlind Services. Often individuals may have new or progressive issues related to their vision or hearing. Whether their goals are employment or acquiring or improving their independent living skills, students participate in classes designed to address these unique challenges. Gentry can assist in devleoping skills and work habits needed to compete for a job and/or develop and improve the quality of their lives. The Assistive Technology Department for the Blind plays a critical role in providing exposure and training using the latest adaptive equipment for DeafBlind clients and facilitating the purchase and use of this equipment within the home and/or workplace settings. 

    Many DeafBlind clients benefit from instruction in the following areas: 


    Personal Management - teaches skills needed for self-care by instructors who are knowledgeable of the unique needs and challenges faced by DeafBlind individuals which may include counseling such as individual, group, and medical counseling related to diabetes managment. 


    Home Management - teaches Vision Rehabilitation Therapy skills needed for independence within specially equipped kitchens designed for DeafBlind clients.


    Communication - teaches Braille, Tactile, and Pro-Tactile sign language skills.


    Orientation and Mobility - helps students develop mobility skills needed for unassisted independent travel. Varying levels of instruction including introduction to the use of a long cane and navigating the hallways and campus of E. H. Gentry to more advanced skills such as residential and business travel and how to access public transportation. 


    Job Development - teaches skills in job seeking and job application, plus may include adaptive technology which can assist in keeping or returning to a former job.