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    Limitless. This is not just our new Logo. Not a word we flippantly use.

    Keep clicking, watching, listening, reading or better yet, come and visit us! We would love to show you E. H. Gentry!

    When we say limitless, we mean LIMITLESS!!

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    That is the only way to accurately describe what our students/clients/consumers can accomplish at E. H. Gentry!

    We serve those who have a vision impairment of any degree.

    Some individuals come to us having just become blind due to trauma or illness. Some are congenitally blind, while others may be in the process of losing their vision.

    We will not tell you what you must do here at E. H. Gentry. Your program is designed by YOU, for YOU. Tell us what you need for your now and your future. We’ll develop a team to help you achieve your goals.

    We offer classes that benefit individuals with vision loss, such as:


    Independent Living

    Assistive Technology

    Computer Skills

    WorkKeys® /Career Readiness Certification

    Work Experience

    Job Skills Training

    Braille Classes

    Introduction to Automotive Service

    Ready-To-Work Curriculum

    And more!


    Jack Harrison

    Director of Services for the Blind


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    Jerry McKee

    Case Manager for the Blind


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    E. H. Gentry’s academic classes are individualized to meet the specific needs of each student. Students may enter with a goal of obtaining their high school diploma, earn their GED or academic remediation. Depending on their goal, the student may be enrolled in Gentry’s Adult Education system which will establish and track their educational and employment progress.

    Other students may be referred to Deaf Academics to improve crucial skills in literacy, math or money management. Computer-based instruction supplements teacher-made PowerPoints and materials designed to accommodate the individual learning style of each student.  In addition, students can participate in ACT (American College Test), Compass and WorkKeys® testing while enrolled at Gentry. Qualified students may also opt to participate in our Dual Enrollment class which allows them to take courses at Central Alabama Community College while receiving tutorial support from our academic instructors.

    Independent Living
    Home Management – Students are introduced to safety in the kitchen, basic preparation, cooking techniques, recipe study, meal planning and preparation, use of tools and equipment and comparative shopping.

    Personal Management – Students are provided instruction in all areas needed to live independently. Topics of instruction include communication, daily living, maintaining a household, and self-care, as well as work and study habits.

    Assistive Technology
    Assistive Technology classes are for each student’s individual needs. Training and instruction is offered relating to the use and care of equipment and devices such as pagers, videophones, vibrating alarms, doorbell flashers, etc.

    Computer Skills
    The Computer Skills program prepares students with skills to obtain entry level office technology, computer support and/or Web technology positions.  The program is structured to fit individualized needs of each student and help develop the right skills and attitude to succeed.

    Additionally, the program provides a solid foundation in typing/keyboarding, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, computer repairs and using the Internet.  Microsoft Office Specialist Certification and Internet Computing Core Certification testing is also offered to students.

    WorkKeys® /Career Readiness Certification
    Gentry provides remediation in the core WorkKeys® areas of Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Reading for Information.  A student who earns a WorkKeys® level of 3 or greater in each of these areas qualifies for an Alabama Career Readiness Certificate.  A work readiness certificate is a credential that documents an individual’s WorkKeys® scores for prospective employers.

    Work Experience
    The E.H. Gentry Work Experience Program gives students the opportunity to develop work skills that will help them transition into the workplace. All jobs in Work Experience are real work in which work skills and work habits are assessed.

    Job Skills Training
    Nothing is more empowering than the feeling of receiving your first paycheck.  At Gentry, students learn the necessary tools and techniques needed to compete for the job of their choice. Our job coaches help students gain first-hand experience by working in real jobs either on campus or in the community.