Welcome to the Listening & Spoken Language Program!

  • Our Vision:

    • To provide a rich auditory learning environment for students who have good auditory access to speech for the purpose of the development of spoken language and learning. 
    • Collaborate with parents to set appropriate goals and expectations for their child.
    • To prepare students for success in their local public school or for transitioning into the first grade at Alabama School for the Deaf. 


    Our Program

    The Listening & Spoken Language Program uses modeling and imitations, a technique used to accelerate the acquisition of spoken language for deaf children which provides models of good language and practice producing good language. When working on conversational language, vocabulary and syntax, students are language-matched. When working on academic lessons, students are academic-matched. We maintain small a small ratio of three students to one teacher (3:1) for small group instruction. We utilize the most up-to-date hearing assistive technology throughout the school day.



  • "Sending our son through the Listening & Spoken Language Program was the best decision we ever made for him. This program helped develop his language and social skills tremendously and now he is doing amazing things in public school!"
    Jared and Allison Wesley,
    Proud Parents of an LSLP Graduate