• Becoming Limitless

    A Strategic Plan Summary: 2018-2020


    AIDB is the world’s most comprehensive education and service program for children and adults who are deaf, blind, deafblind and multidisabled. 

    We are committed to becoming the internationally recognized leader of diverse residential and community-based education, rehabilitation and employment programs that prepare individuals who are deaf and/or blind to reach their limitless potential in college, careers and independence.

    Our Corporate Goals

    AIDB consists of three residential campuses for children; a postsecondary training program for adults; a manufacturing facility with satellite operations in 5 additional locations; a statewide network of regional centers and outreach services that are expanding into the Southeast and central support systems. Collectively, our overall goals are committed to providing:

    • Innovative instructional programs
    • A highly skilled and trained staff
    • A State/National network of education, service, and employment programs
    • Appropriate facilities, technology and property management
    • New opportunities for partnerships and revenue development
    • Maximum accessible technology in education, training, administration
    • Effective safety and security programs
    • Informative/effective communication and marketing strategies
    • Demonstrated measurable outcomes

    Staff Development and Recruitment

    • We will address critical Staff Development and Recruitment issues needed to maintain a highly skilled and trained professional and support team. 

    AIDB is a diverse workplace and our more than 1200 employees need specialized skill sets to meet the demand for teachers, dorm staff, craftsmen, technology, production, professional and support roles needed to support our limitless mission.  AIDB, of course, requires professionals with specific skills such as Braille, Sign Language, O&M, Tactile Sign Language, Deaf Education, Visual Impairment Certification, Adult Rehabilitation, residential setting experiences, and many other skills related to serving Deaf, Blind, Deaf-Blind, and multi-disabled individuals from birth to senior citizens. These individuals with unique skill sets, certifications and licenses are increasingly difficult to find. 

    The number of postsecondary training programs offering many of the courses, degrees and certifications needed have declined. Low unemployment rates are creating more competition in filling vacancies and shifts in technology and work preferences are impacting everything from the production area to the classroom.

    AIDB is also committed to developing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. We currently employ 285 individuals with disabilities throughout the state including 25 in administrative and senior leadership roles. 

    Our emphasis on Staff Development and Recruitment will focus on:

    • Building relationships with universities to develop better training programs and recruitment opportunities
    • Developing more extensive professional development and opportunities and orientation programs for employees
    • Improving supervisor training and mentoring efforts
    • Creating a plan for attracting a more diverse applicant pool for job vacancies
    • Conducting salary comparisons of similar jobs.

    Measurable Outcomes

    • We will develop an accountability system to effectively measure program and performance outcomes that will assess improvement and demonstrate overall impact.

    We never lose sight of what our students can accomplish and we encourage each one of them to aspire to the highest potential possible. As a mentor and trend-setter, and as a public institution, AIDB is committed to setting high benchmarks and accountability standards for our performance and management. 

    • According to Blind Advocacy Organizations, only 30% of blind adults nationally are employed. But in Alabama, 83% of Alabama School for the Blind graduates from the past 10 years are employed or actively involved in college or job training. 
    • According to national labor statistics, 48% of Deaf adults are unemployed but 89% of Alabama School for the Deaf graduates are employed or actively involved in college or job training.
    • Last year, AIDB served 24,932 infants, children and adults with hearing and/or vision loss and multiple disabilities in 5 campuses, 8 regional centers and public school classrooms in all 67 counties.
    • AIDB academic students graduate at a high rate – 92% over the last 5 years using established standards. 

    The next steps in our focus on Measureable Outcomes will identify specific performance criteria for data collection and analysis that will be used to determine best practices and provide benchmarks for program improvement.


    • We will grow Outreach services at state and national levels by developing new partnerships and defining new service opportunities for individuals who are deaf and/or blind.

    AIDB’s emphasis on Outreach began with the creation of regional centers focused on serving individuals who are deaf, blind and deafblind in their home communities and has since grown into public school classrooms in Alabama. 

    Several new initiatives are taking AIDB’s focus on outreach to new levels and new locations in the Southeast. Our goals, in working with three nationally affiliated organizations, are to expand STEM-related education, provide training for students and teachers in assistive technology and improve early language development in children with hearing loss.

    AIDB has created working partnerships with the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, American Printing House for the Blind and Gallaudet University.  All three projects create limitless opportunities to address critical education issues experienced by teachers and students who are deaf and blind in Alabama and other southeastern states. 


    • We will incorporate new marketing strategies to educate targeted audiences including consumers and families, businesses, government and professional leaders and donors. 

    Building on a well-established 160-year history, AIDB will introduce its ever-evolving programs, services and messages to new consumers, donors, legislators and other targeted audiences through a strategic marketing plan that effectively incorporates relationship development, awareness activities, branding efforts, social media and other communication opportunities. Share the Limitless story!