• Interpreter Internship Application Instructions 


    Click the link below to fill out the intern application.  

    • “Type of position applying for,” select “Hourly/Volunteer-Intern”

    • “Position Applying for,” select “Interpreter”

    • “Campus/Department,” select “Human Resources” 

    • “Job Code/Job Posting (4 digit number),” please use “0000"




    Please complete all the documentation attached and submit it to HR prior to beginning your internship placement.


    You will also need to read, sign, and return the confidentiality agreement.  Your mentor and their direct supervisor must sign the confidentiality agreement.

    We will need a copy of your internship handbook and mentor handbook, if there is one available.


    Please be sure to follow up with an email to the address below once you have completed the application so we can make sure we get all the information and documentation we need.

    Contact Sara Presley at: presley.sara@aidb.org or via cell phone 256-375-5577.