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HKS Helping Kids Soar

HKS Helping Kids Soar

Limitless. The in-service program at AIDB highlighted many stories of student courage and limitless accomplishments. Then, from the back of the auditorium came the sound of a motorcycle cranking up and down the aisle rode Jacob Seago, a deafblind teenager from Helen Keller School (HKS) sporting a great big smile. The thunderous applause became louder than the motorcycle. Jacob – and everyone there – immediately knew what it means to be limitless!

Jacob’s parents were prepared for challenges after a fetal ultrasound revealed congenital anomalies. As they discovered the extent of his disabilities, doctors weren’t certain about Jacob’s potential quality of life, and his parents questioned what he would be able to accomplish in the future.

The answer: almost anything he wants.

A student at Helen Keller School for twelve years, Jacob continually raises and then exceeds expectations. With every new accomplishment, he pushes for new challenges and opportunities. He helps teachers with the agricultural program and has a paying job working with the horses at the MGH Arena.

“When he was little, they didn’t think he would ever have that ability,” said Jimmy, Jacob’s father. “But through the school and the program, he’s matured and learned more than we thought he ever would.”

When not in class or at work, Jacob enjoys the outdoors. He’s learned to drive a four-wheeler, a lawn mower, a golf cart, a motorcycle and a Jeep, which he repaired with the help of his father. His vehicle of choice, however, is a horse. Jacob took home two gold and one silver medal from Special Olympics - without the aid of a sighted guide. “He told his sighted guide he wanted to do it himself,” Jimmy said. “She let him do the obstacle course independently, and he did it perfectly.”

He attributes Jacob’s pride and confidence to the support of AIDB and Jacob’s own determination. “His P.E. coach says there’s nothing to stop Jacob,” Jimmy said. “I don’t know what I would have done without AIDB. They have everything here to work with the kids, and Jacob’s accomplished it all. “I do think that one day, Jacob may actually be able to be independent. It’s just time and work,” Jimmy said. “I think we’re going to see a young man who can do anything.”