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Hudson's Smile Speaks Volumes

Hudson’s Smile Speaks Volumes!

Hudson’s smile is contagious. Who can resist those cute little dimples? And as his mom, Tara Mohr, points out, he’s happy whenever something good happens – even when the opposing soccer team scores! He was an energetic little toddler and just beginning to talk before his second birthday when he contracted meningitis. When the illness and fever passed, Hudson had lost his hearing. Statistics indicate that over 30 percent of meningitis cases result in some degree of hearing loss - from mild to profound deafness.

The Mohr’s enrolled Hudson in Early Intervention at the Tuscaloosa Regional
Center and he began attending KinderPrep classes at the Center. “This is a really great program,” said Tara. “He has learned so much, received speech therapy and developed early language skills.

In fact, the program is so wonderful that we enrolled Hudson’s younger brother, Grayson, here for early language development.” Hudson “graduated” from KinderPrep at the Tuscaloosa Regional Center in the spring and is now enrolled at Faucett-Vestavia Elementary School. He has a cochlear implant and is still receiving speech therapy.

An interpreter works with Hudson and is also teaching his fellow classmates American Sign Language. “Hudson is a very social kid,” said Tara. “The other kids love him and try to learn sign language. He’s just a normal kid except he doesn’t hear. He’s happy, has friends and plays soccer. People think it’s funny because he claps whenever anyone scores in the soccer game – even if it’s the other team! “The Tuscaloosa Regional Center preschool was so awesome for Hudson. We want him to go to college or learn a trade – whatever he wants to do and makes him happy in life.”