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AIDB Retirees Have Combined 914 Years of Service

AIDB Retirees Have Combined 914 Years of Service

AIDB recently celebrated 43 retirees who have served a combined total of 914.8 years! We are so thankful for our staff members who work tirelessly every day to transform the lives of those we serve beyond expectations by refusing to let adversity limit any individual’s potential. Due to COVID-19 we were unable to host a luncheon as we have in years past, but we enjoyed cheering each of them in the AIDB Retiree Parade! On behalf of our students and consumers – THANK YOU for all that you have done during your time at AIDB. Because of you we are Deaf. Blind. Limitless.

Harry with Dr. Mascia In 1980 the United States Olympic ice hockey team made history at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics when it defeated the four-time defending gold medalist team from the Soviet Union. Rubik’s Cube and Post-It Notes were introduced to U.S. department stores. Nine to Five and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back were popular films and the 24 hour news cycle was born on June 1, 1980, when CNN began broadcasting. The Republican presidential nominee, Ronald Regan, was campaigning against his Democratic rival, President Jimmy Carter. Fob James was in his first term as governor of Alabama and Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr. was president of Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind. 1980 was the year when Harry Edmiston began working at AIDB. Harry retired on April 1, 2020 with 39.6 years of service at AIDB. Edmiston is 1 of 43 retirees AIDB will honor with a Retiree Parade on Thursday, September 10, 2020.


Employees retiring this year include:                 

·         Glenda Anderson, assistive technology trainer, 14.5 years.

·         Nadine Ballard, human resources generalist, 30.4 years.

·         Phyllis Beasley, production worker, 30 years.

·         Randy Blankenship, HVAC technician, 26.1 years.

·         Susan Carlisle, residential program director, 22.8 years.

·         Cheryl Carpenter, dorm aide, 14.3 years.

·         Teresa Caudle, audiologist, 21.6 years.

·         Tameco Knight Chattman, dorm aide, 16 years.

·         Charles “Butch” Clay, painter, 14.6 years.

·         Linda Cole, regional center director, 16.4 years.

·         Deborah Crim, security guard, 23.4 years.

·         Jeff Davis, carpenter, 15.2 years.

·         Harry Edmiston, production worker, 39.6 years.

·         Linda Ford, dorm aide, 29.8 years.

·         Stephanie Gaddis, teacher, 30 years.

·         Joseph Gary, production worker, 12 years.

·         Joyce Gurley, production worker, 23.9 years.

·         Rosemary Guy, interpreter coordinator, 27.8 years.

·         Jim Hall, teacher, 27.8 years.

·         Teresa Haynes, dorm aide, 12.6 years.

·         Oneatha Holland, dorm aide, 16.2 years.

·         Terry Horner, production worker, 31.4 years.

·         Deborah Hudgins, production worker trainer, 23.8 years.

·         Deborah Hughes, dorm aide, 20 years.

·         Lisa Jacks, dorm aide, 18.6 years.

·         Sylvester James, teacher, 39 years.

·         Jennifer Moran, early intervention service coordinator, 15.1 years.

·         Wesley Moran, dorm aide, 24.1 years.

·         Beth Payne, teacher, 10.8 years.

·         Bobby Presley, night security dorm aide, 25.6 years.

·         Greg Richards, counselor, 9 years.

·         Deborah Sanchez, early intervention service coordinator/special instructor, 24.7 years.

·         Audrey Swain, dorm aide, 24.4 years.

·         Yon Thomas, production worker, 13 years.

·         Robert Tubbs, production worker, 25.5 years.

·         Ruthie Tuck, employment specialist, 24.7 years.

·         Shirley Turner, dorm aide, 19.9 years.

·         Sheila Waites, store clerk, 14.3 years.

·         Carolyn Williams, food service worker, 25.7 years.

·         Barbara Wilson, dorm aide, 12.8 years.

·         Leslie Wright, teacher, 6.5 years.

·         Teresa Vines, early intervention service coordinator, 15.3 years.

·         Susan Young, early intervention service coordinator, 25.6 years.

Established in 1858, the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind is America’s most comprehensive provider of education and services to people who are blind, deaf, deafblind or multidisabled. Through five campuses in Talladega and eight Regional Centers throughout the state, AIDB provides services to over 14,000 people per year and employs over 1,100 workers throughout Alabama.