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AIDB Transportation stands proudly behind their hard work to keep the students and employees of AIDB safe!

The State of Alabama Department of Education Pupil Transportation Service found no major deficiencies for 2021 in its annual review and inspection of buses at Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB). State inspection is a thorough, three-day process that includes items ranging from general cleanliness to the integrity of brake, steering and safety systems.  The annual inspection was conducted on AIDB’s 31 buses, including 25 type C buses and 6 type A buses.

According to Sammy Gilliam, AIDB Transportation Director, an additional 125 maintenance and support vehicles round out AIDB’s fleet. “With AIDB constantly on the move, maintenance and troubleshooting become constant, rather than occasional, duties for our certified bus technicians,” said Gilliam. “It is their dedication and hard work that keeps our vehicles safe and operational. I am pleased that this inspection confirms our commitment to safety and quality service.”

AIDB's fleet is unlike any other in the state, with every student route bus considered a special needs vehicle and outfitted accordingly.  AIDB operates an extensive statewide transportation system, coordinating daily bus routes for students at campus programs and employees at Alabama Industries for the Blind. Area bus routes also transport students daily to and from a seven county area surrounding Talladega, and to the Montgomery and Huntsville regions weekly. 

A I D B transportation workers stand in a group behind an A S B student. In the background is an A I D B school bus.

L to R: Ken Bradford, Brian Lindley, James Wilson, Gene Jenkins, Gloria Embry, Keri Lynn McDonald, Sammy Gilliam. Student: Lydia Chapa, ASB Pre-K