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Alabama School for the Deaf Defeats Rival Mississippi School for the Deaf in Homecoming Matchup

Alabama School for the Deaf Football team running through a banner onto the football fieldAt the Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD), a champion mindset is not just an expectation. It is a way of life that has been illustrated throughout the school’s history. 

In the fall of 1971, the ASD football team accomplished greatness. They had a perfect season, they progressed through the playoff games undefeated, and not only did they make it to the National Championship game, but they won it. Fifty years later, their legacy would continue as they were recognized at the 2021 Homecoming game. 

ASD celebrated Homecoming on Saturday, October 16 during their matchup against the Mississippi School for the Deaf (MSD). 

At halftime, the Homecoming Court took center stage. The Junior Class was represented by Junior Princesses Carly Ortega of Talladega, escorted by Ernest Ortega, and Mia Teague of Jacksonville, escorted by Trevon Huey. The Sophmore Class was represented by Sophmore Princess Ashley Wentworth of Helena, escorted by Curtis Wentworth.  The Freshman Class was represented by Freshman Princess Peja “Peaches” Brownlee of Birmingham, escorted by Marshae Brownlee. Junior High (grades 7 and 8) was represented by Junior High School Princess Deja Ware of Gardendale, escorted by Stanley Stevenson.  The Homecoming Duke and Duchess were Nikolos Ort and Sophia Williams.

The candidates for Homecoming Queen were made up of Senior Princesses Breanna “Emily” Cash of Lincoln, escorted by Patrick Lee Armstrong; Jessica Morris of Talladega, escorted by Keith Morris; and Chanelle Taylor of Tuscaloosa, escorted by Peter Taylor. After much suspense, Paul Saunders, Ed.S., Principal of ASD, announced Chanelle Taylor as the Homecoming Queen. 

During halftime, Saunders also recognized the 1971 championship team in addition to the 1991 football team noting their historic achievements. In addition to the National Championship won by the 1971 team, the 1991 team had a perfect season only to be eliminated in the second round of playoffs. 

The ASD Warriors defeated the MSD Bulldogs to win the 2021 Homecoming game 34 to 6.