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#HumansOfAIDB - Michael Taylor

Meet Michael Taylor who works in production at Alabama Industries for the Blind. We sat down with him and asked what advice he would give his younger self. Here's what he had to say!
"To begin with, I would tell myself to have patience!
I recently became the Assistant Supervisor in the Alabama Industries for the Blind (AIB) Screenprint Department. I appreciate being able to create a sense of mentorship instead of this being “just” a workplace. About a year ago, a student from E. H. Gentry Facility who was about 20 years old started working in my department here at AIB. He was reserved and wasn’t confident in his orientation and mobility skills. So every day, we would work together on orientation, mobility, and getting to know the workspace. He now works in another department but it’s fulfilling to know that he’s in a place where he has made friends, smiles more, and is more confident."

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