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Cheerleaders Excel in Spirit and Skill

From 8 cheerleaders earning the “All-American” distinction to placing third in the state, the cheer team at Alabama School for the Blind is no stranger to success. 

For those who know the cheerleaders at Alabama School for the Blind, it should come as no surprise that the 2022-2023 season was destined for greatness from the very beginning. 

The season started over the summer with the team attending a cheer camp hosted by the Universal Cheerleaders Association at Auburn University. During the camp, the team learned new material and competed alongside teams from across Alabama. 

“For anyone interested in cheerleading, I say ‘go for it!’” said sophomore Zoe Catoe. “It takes a lot of time but as long as you have the motivation and show great sportsmanship, the positive energy is contagious!” 

In addition to completing squad credentialing, they brought home 3 trophies and had 6 cheerleaders earning the designation of All- American. All-American recognizes the best of the best and the athletes who obtain that title are roughly in the top 10 percent of cheer athletes in the nation. The current Varsity team has eight All-American cheerleaders! 

At the end of camp, the team also brought home the Banana, a large inflatable banana that is given to the one team who demonstrated the qualities of leadership, spirit, and overall ability to work hard while still having fun! 

But the hard work did not stop at camp. Throughout the fall semester, the team traveled to compete in several cheer competitions. In October, they traveled to Centre, Alabama to compete in the Rockin Cheer Classic where they placed first in both the “Game Day” and “Traditional” categories. In November, the Alabama High School Athletic Association Super Regional in Birmingham where they won first place and earned a bid to state! They competed at the State Competition in December where they finished third in the state with their Varsity Coed Traditional routine. 

Most recently, the team has placed first in the annual South Central Association of Schools for the Blind (SCASB) Cheer Competition for the nineteenth consecutive year! 

“I am so proud of this amazing group of athletes,” said Coach Jennifer Hammock. “They are a great team and I'm excited that we've been able to compete at this level.  I love coaching and motivating young people - finding ways to build their confidence and practice their leadership skills.

Some of them are interested in cheering in college and I’m looking for connections and clinics to help prepare them. They are limitless and I look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the future.” 

This year’s squad is made up of Zania Abdullah, Brittney Braxton-Gardner, Shymiriya Broadnax, Zoe Catoe, Tamya Dewitt, Cassidie Gorig-Worrell, Diamond Jackson, Tey Jones, Rin Pollard, Taelor Robinson, Narissa Swaim, Chris Weaver, Ricky Weaver, Belle Williams, and Daymion Winfrey.