• Transition

    As students move from adolescence towards adulthood, we begin the Transition process. At age 14 (sometimes earlier, if necessary), Helen Keller School of Alabama (HKS) students begin working with our transition professionals who assess, plan, instruct, and supervise closely for progress towards independence in the areas of work, education, living, and social skills. We strive to equip our students with the skills necessary to perform in their future environments after graduation. 

    Our students’ needs are unique and their educational plans are individualized for addressing their particular transitional needs. After graduation, some students return home and participate in daily activity programs; others may find a job, and live independently in group homes or with their families. We aspire for graduates to leave with a strong sense of self-worth and equipped with an education uniquely designed to help them meet their full potential.

    Please contact Shannon Dodd for more information.

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