• Academics

    Because our students come to us with varying needs, great care and effort goes into building the most appropriate Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) possible. Teachers, support staff, and parents examine a child’s assessments, available school records, and current needs. Merging the Alabama Alternate Achievement Standards with each child’s specific goals, we create plans to help him/her achieve their highest potential.

    Classes at HKS are small and specialized with usually no more than seven students per teacher and aide. The initial focus for some students is on learning daily living skills: dressing, grooming, self-feeding, etc. However, traditional academic subjects are taught as well: language, reading, math, science and social studies. Additionally, incorporating social and life skills is an important goal for our students. Those students with vision losses may work with Braille or large print, as well as be seen by our Orientation & Mobility teacher to learn how to better navigate their environment. Our students with hearing losses use sign language, speech, or a combination of communication methods best suiting their individual needs.