• Residential

    For Helen Keller School (HKS) residential students, learning doesn’t end with the school day, but continues into dormitory life. They work on important life skill development such as daily living needs, personal hygiene, and grooming. During meals, staff members also assist with practicing correct eating habits and manners. Some of our older students reach a level of independence that allows them to learn more complex life skills, such as doing their own laundry, cleaning, cooking, time organization, and money management. Our students are learning all the time – how to take care of themselves, get along with others, and have a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Weekend chapel is also available for those with parental permission.

    Along with all of this activity and learning, health and safety are always top priority. Students are continually supervised, even throughout the night. A nurse is on campus 24 hoursa day during the week, and multiple times a day during the weekend. AIDB has an extensive program focusing on health and wellness for all of our students, and its resources are always just a phone call away. In addition, all dormitory staff are certified in CPR, AED, and first aid.