Helen Keller School Sports

  • Helen Keller School team sports include baseball, basketball, volleyball, powerlifting, golf, and equestrian competitions.

  • Baseball 

    Students at Helen Keller School have the opportunity to participate in a baseball league designed for players with special needs. 

    HKS Adaptive Physical Education coaches partner with A League of Our Own baseball league in Oxford, Ala. 

    Baseball Scrappers team picture   

    Baseball Team Scrappers  

     Baseball team Pirates

    Baseball Team Pirates 

  • Basketball and Volleyball 

     Our basketball and volleyball teams play area teams and have final state championship games each year. 

     Volleyball team pic

    The Helen Keller School volleyball team after we won our state championship!  


    basketball team

    Our basketball team is always exciting to watch play. 

  • Golf and Powerlifting  

    Our golf team and powerlifting team competing at their tournaments. 

    golf team      Powerlifting Team  

  • Equestrian Riding Team

     Equestrian team awards and riding competition.

    Equestrian team   riding competition