• HKS Adaptive Physical Education

    At Helen Keller School (HKS), it is our mission to help our students reach their highest potential. To do this, we consider their emotional, academic, social and physical needs. For our students, adaptive physical education provides a valuable outlet for excess energy, a starting point for a lifetime of physical fitness and a sense of accomplishment and pride. Our staff is certified to work with children who are deaf, blind, and/or deaf-blind. They have years of experience working with special needs children and adapt all Physical Education (P.E.) activities to suit the individual needs of each child. HKS students have supervised access to our gymnasium, an outdoor walking/exercise facility, a shady playground, and an indoor play therapy system.

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  • Two young girls play in the ball pit Hackney Play Therapy Center

    The Hackney Play Therapy Center is also a center for smiles and laughter. It is a colorfully padded indoor play system.  Some of the activity areas include two tube slides, tunnels, a ball pit, and a bounce house.

    exterior of building

  • Volleyball team posing in front of the net Mary V. Gymnasium

    The Mary V. Snell Gymnasium is home to a full-sized pool, a bowling alley, and a basketball court. A Red Cross-certified lifeguard is on duty when children are in the pool.

    exterior of gymnasium

  • young boy runs along the track while a girl ambulates in her wheelchair Compass Bank Walking Track

    The Compass Bank Walking Track contains a soft, rubber walking surface and is surrounded by railings.  With these features, ALL students are provided the opportunity to run or walk independently.

    landscape view of walking track