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Limitless Mindsets

By Amy Shelly, Academic Director, Helen Keller School of Alabama

All over Helen Keller School of Alabama (HKS), you will find the word “Limitless”. Our teachers' and staff’s mindsets nourish and grow our students’ individual strengths so that each student can live the successful life of their choosing after they graduate. Three students who embody this limitless mindset are Denzel Robinson, Angel Williams, and Jeffrey Oliver. 

Denzell Robinson smiles to cameraThroughout his tenure, Denzel Robinson participated in the HKS Athletics Program and was a member of our choir, the Singing Eagles. But he also prepared for his future by working with HKS Job Coaches Lanier Corbitt and Katie Trotter to develop his skills. After graduating in 2019, Denzel was employed by Subway in Talladega but is now enrolled in Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind’s (AIDB) E. H. Gentry Facility. As a participant in the E. H. Gentry Facility Work Experience Program, he is honing his job skills by working as a Resident Advisor in the dorms as well as a Production Worker in the Paper Department at AIDB’s Alabama Industries for the Blind. 

When Denzel returns to HKS for a visit, everyone knows he’s on campus! As a role model, he takes time to high-five, fist-bump, and talk with current students. And when asked if he enjoyed his days at HKS, Denzel responded with an enthusiastic “Yes, I love this school!” 

Angel Williams looks to the side and smilesAngel Williams, a member of the 2023 graduating class, always has a smile on her face. She enrolled at HKS just a few years ago but, it didn’t take her long to soar to new heights. Angel has visual impairments that impact her vision but not her spirit. Using a communication device,  she is the first to console a friend who is hurting or celebrate a friend who has found success. Angel is also an avid artist who has artwork displayed at the annual Helen Keller Art Show. 

Angel currently works at Dollar General and plans to attend E. H. Gentry Facility after graduation. 

Jeffrey Oliver, a 2020 graduate, enrolled at HKS in middle school. Our staff recognized his abilities and immediately began to develop his skills. Jeffrey worked with Mr. Corbitt on campus where he performed tasks in our farm, maintenance, cafeteria, school store, and recycling areas. He then worked with Ms. Trotter and continued to develop these skills through off-campus work at Piggly Wiggly. His favorite part of the job was bagging groceries because it gave him the opportunity to interact with customers and other employees. 

Jeffrey Oliver crosses his arms and looks to camera.

Jeffrey's great attitude about working made him a joy to work with. Jeffrey now works with AIDB’s landscaping crew and when I see him working around campus, I am always met with a wave and that same friendly smile. 

We talked with Kechia Hullett, Jeffrey's mother, who shared her thoughts about Jeffrey's time at HKS. “HKS helped in preparing him to be able to live independently and reach his full potential,” said Kechia. “He is able to live in a supported living apartment and is responsible for keeping his room and bathroom clean, doing his own grocery shopping, cooking his own meals, and going to dinner with his friends. The opportunities that Jeffrey had at HKS were phenomenal. He was able to be part of all the sports teams, which gave him so much self-confidence and a sense of pride being part of the team.”

Denzel, Angel, and Jeffrey are the embodiment of our school motto - Limitless! We are so proud of each student’s accomplishments and cannot wait to see what is next.