• Alabama School for the Blind is a Pre-K through 12th grade program accredited by the Alabama State Board of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). ASB follows the same content standards and assessment standards of any other public school within the state. The only difference is that we make accommodations for vision loss through Braille and large print.

    Every ASB teacher holds state certification in his or her subject area, plus VI (Visually Impaired) certification at a Master’s level. All teachers receive Library of Congress Literary Braille Transcription certification.

    Math and science are particular areas of concern for students with vision loss, because the use of sight is normally such an important aspect of these studies. However, our teachers have dedicated their careers to finding alternate methods of passing on math and science concepts.

    Science education in grades 4-12 takes place in the John and Loti Woods Science Center of Excellence, a building dedicated to giving blind and visually impaired students full access to basic sciences. In elementary school, students are immersed in inquiry based hands on science learning while labs and technology tools are essential in high school science instruction. Students participate in field trips to include environmental education at Camp McDowell Environmental Center, space studies at NASA in Huntsville, and marine biology at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.

    In the high school English department at ASB, teachers follow the Common Core Curriculum. By exploring all genres of literature, students develop reading, vocabulary, and writing skills. They complete grammar and punctuation exercises to help them become better proofreaders and editors. Students utilize a wide variety of technological devices as they prepare for the ACT, post-secondary education, and future careers.

    An expanded core curriculum at ASB also includes Daily Living Skills, Orientation & Mobility, extensive opportunities for social interaction, recreation and leisure skills, career education and assistive technology.

    At ASB, we strive to make history “come alive” by using the smartboard, laptops, iPads, Voicenotes and Braille displays for a variety of devices. Starting in the sixth grade, students work in online learning evironments such as Canvas and Google Classroom as is used in many colleges and universities. Students can even use these system to access work at home. Using Braille maps, models, raised line materials, project based learning and 21st century skills, we teach our students the same curriculum as taught in Alabama's public schools.