Residential Program Information

  • It is the intent of the ASB Residential Program to provide a home-like setting for all students while maintaining their safety and security. The residential setting includes basic domestic instruction, enrichment to cooking skills, recreational activities on campus, shopping activities, safe travel in the community, and Orientation and Mobility training through longer off-campus excursions.

    The administrative team, led by principal Alan Nunn, is responsible for making sure that our visually impaired students have an Expanded Core Curriculum education during the school day and an extensive Independent Living skills and recreation program during the afternoon and weekend hours.

    In the afternoon and evening, it is the residential/campus life department’s responsibility to make sure that Independent Living Skills are taught to each student and that they learn how to function in their community by safely experiencing recreational and daily living activities. Our Extended Day staff members led by the Residential & Campus Life Director, Brandon Rodgers, strive to create an atmosphere that will nurture the potential of each student while giving them fun, recreational activities & experiences.

    We sponsor many clubs during the school year to give community experiences to our students, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H Club, Hunting & Fishing Club, Social Design Club, and Dorm Reps. These clubs foster learning experiences & friendships with students from local community schools that are important for learning social skills and creating relationships that last a lifetime.