Why should you chose ASB?

  • ASB serves K-12 students with visual impairments and stands as a fully accredited residential and day school which follows the Alabama Course of Study. Our mission is to provide visually impaired students a comprehensive education that develops each student’s maximum potential to become an independent, productive member of society. ASB strives to cultivate the artistic ability of all students. Students share their talents through various local, statewide and national performances, exhibits, and competitions each year. We have a state of the art music center that includes two large classrooms, an individual piano lab, sound rooms, a recording studio, and much more. Artwork produced in our art classes is entered into exhibits and shows across the state. ASB provides a multitude of leadership opportunities and clubs where students will be equipped with skills to excel as leaders in society. The ASB athletics program exemplifies values such as honor, leadership, and teamwork. A championship culture has existed for over 50 years. ASB athletes compete at a high level against state public schools and travel to other states throughout the U.S. to compete with other schools for the blind. Life after school means independence, and we want to assist in making that transition successful.