Housing Information

  • The Residential Program has seven dorm settings housed in five buildings on the ASB campus.

    Williams I                                    Older Boys Dorm       9-12

    Ward I                                         Older Girls Dorm        9-12

    Williams II                                   Intermediate Boys     7-8

    Ward II                                        Intermediate Girls      6-8

    Monroe                                       Elementary Boys        PK-6

    Orr                                               Elementary Girls         PK-5

    Semi-Independent                     HS Boys & Girls          10-12   One Semester

    Independent (Apartments)      HS Boys & Girls           10-12   One Semester

    Each dorm setting is staffed by trained staff members who teach students the skills that a visually impaired person needs to lead an independent life. They teach them to maintain clothing, purchase clothing, do laundry, be involved in their community, voting, handling money, organization, banking, planning, filling out forms, using Orientation and Mobility skills & community travel, meal planning, meal etiquette, and personal safety just to name a few. Each staff member is a teacher & nurturer who cares for our students and helps them at their home away from home.