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    The NRSC has a partnership with VEX and the REC Foundation.  This allows us to provide you with the opportunity to establish a Robotics team at your location for free!

    VEX Robotics & the REC Foundation releases a new challenge yearly in late April. Students are to design a robot to tackle that challenge!  You can start immediately after to maximize the time or wait till the fall. No experience necessary! There are two competitive levels - IQ and VRC.  IQ is for middle school.  VRC is for high school.  Click on the video you are interested in viewing.

  • Below are videos of our most recent MS and HS tournaments!  Enjoy!  We hope you can join us next year!

3rd NRSC VIQC Robotics Tournament (Middle School)


4th NRSC VRC Robotics Tournament (High School)


  • Email the following people for more info or to begin the process of setting up a team.

    Brett Grayson - VEX IQ (middle school robotics)

    Harry Wood - VRC (high school robotics)