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Hear it from their own hands/mouths....

  • From Teachers and/or Workshops


    • "As I've been at home the past week, I have been trying to process everything that happened during our week together.  I wanted to reach out and thank each of you for hosting such wonderful workshops.  It was the first workshop/conference event that I have attended like that and, I have to say, my expectations for future events have been set way too high.  Being in a room with my own peers and getting to meet teachers from other states alone was one of the best experiences of my professional life."
      • Teacher from NC


    • "We had no idea how to wrap our heads around this program prior to training. The training was broken down into accessible ways and split nicely between hands on and information sharing. Great job!"
      • High School Science Teacher


    • "A 'fun' webinar...'all of us' enjoyed that challenge of finding 'correct' moves in a triangle and a maze, too!"
      • High School Math Teacher


    • "Thank you so much! You guys ROCK! I learned so much and now the boys want to meet to practice. I appreciate you beyond words." 
      • Middle School After School Program Coordinator



    • "I just have really loved seeing how much that the students can learn ON THEIR OWN, just as a homework assignment to do in their free time. I feel like IXL is such a time saver, because it is figuring out the little pieces that the students either forgot, or never learned, and helping to fill those gaps. I only wish I had understood the diagnostic part earlier, but it's definitely something I can continue this year, and do from day one next year. I'm also attaching a copy of a Diagnostic Plan, the sheet with the topics listed that students are able to pick from. On it, you can see a lot of data about how the student is doing in each area, and what they need to work on. I will also say, this has been a huge help while writing IEP's this year too!"
      • Middle School Math Teacher


    • "What I did with them is that I taught a topic and used the 3rd and 5th grade level IXL activities to get the basis of it down. Then, I assigned the 6th grade level. They thought it would be harder since it's 6th grade, but it's really very similar. However, since they thought it would be harder, they became determined to work on it. I put on the board the activities that I wanted them to do by the end of the week, and let them go at their own pace. It's Tuesday, and I just checked on IXL. Most have already finished everything that I had planned for the week! They are even teaching themselves how to do the problems when they work ahead!! I really love using IXL. I just checked, and at 6:00 at night, one of my kids just finished an activity that I haven't even taught her how to do yet, and she mastered it at 100%, answering about 35 questions. I'm so proud of her!"
      • Middle School Math Teacher 


    • "Just wanted to say thank you!  That was an amazing training.  It gave very simple strategies that can be taken back and implemented right away to help student achievement."
      • Itinerant Teacher



    • I wanted to let you know how much fun we had with the drones in class today!  I took my group of 3 students to the gym, and we played with the parrot drone.  The kids had a blast!  They took turns, each getting 1 battery.  When that 1 battery died, they had to give up their turn.  It was great!  They got about 10 minutes of drive time, but they also played with the others when it wasn't their turn to drive.  They would have races where they ran, and the drone flew.  I'll tell you what...  I would have bet on the drone to beat them, but nope!  The kids outran the drone every time.  Anyway, thank you for training me in this technology, and helping me bring it into my classroom!  They are already thinking about next Flyday Friday!
      • Middle School Math Teacher
  • From Camps

    • "We just wanted you to know that (name withheld) learned a lot and has not stopped telling people about his experience." 
      • Parent of high school male, May 2018
  • From Parents

    • "My daughter has attended your camps several years. I just wanted to let you all know that she has been accepted into North Carolina A & T and is majoring in Computer Science!!! What a testament to the work your program has done. Not only did it help improve her self esteem as a person with Hearing Loss but it opened her up to a career in Technology!!! Please know I am forever grateful for the experiences. I hope that the world is better and she can have the opportunity the spend another camp season with the program."
      • Mother of high school female, December 2020