• What is MarineLab?
    MarineLab is a FREE five-day summer program for deaf and hard-of-hearing
    high school students over the age of 15.* The program includes snorkeling
    activities in a variety of different marine communities. MarineLab is currently
    only available to students in the Southeast region of the United States.

    When is MarineLab?
    MarineLab is a five-day program that takes place in the summer. This year’s
    program will be June 12-18, 2022.

    Where is MarineLab program located?
    The MarineLab program is located in Key Largo, Florida, and is hosted in
    collaboration with the Marine Resources Development Foundation in the
    Florida Keys.

    Who can apply to MarineLab?
    Any deaf or hard-of-hearing high school student in one of the 12 NRSC-
    supported Southeast states can apply to the program. Students who have
    graduated high school, but have not yet begun college also may attend the

    How do I apply to MarineLab?
    Visit our application link here to begin your application to our program!
    How do I know if I have been accepted to the MarineLab program?
    We will begin contacting applicants and their parents in April and May to notify
    them of their acceptance into the camp. We will begin the process of booking
    flights at this time.

    What do I need to bring?
    Visit our Packing List here.

    How do I get to the MarineLab camp?

    NRSC will coordinate with the parents and guardians of eligible students and
    purchase plane tickets to and from MarineLab camp at no cost. Transportation
    from the airport to the site (and back to the airport at the end of the program)
    will also be arranged for students at no cost.

    Do I need to pay for transportation costs?
    NRSC will cover costs for flights for all eligible students to MarineLab!
    Note: in order to be considered eligible, you must be a deaf or hard-of-hearing
    high school student age 15 or older, and reside in one of the 12 NRSC-
    supported Southeast states. If you are under the age of 15, air
    transportation cannot be arranged for you. However, you may attend if you
    are 14 years old, in high school, and can arrange your own transportation to
    For more information about transportation, contact roop.jason@aidb.org.

    What if my flight has a layover?
    All flights that layover in or originate from Atlanta will be escorted by NRSC
    staff. We will communicate with you and your parents and guardians
    throughout the entire flight.

    Where do I stay? Where do I go to eat?
    MarineLab has its own dormitory with bunk beds. We provide 24/7
    supervision. We have arranged for all meals to be provided at MarineLab.

    I have gone to an NRSC camp before. Can I apply again?
    Yes, you may apply. You will be placed on a waitlist. We place a priority on
    bringing in students who have never been to the camp. If spots are available,
    students will be selected from the waitlist based on the order the application
    was received.

    What if we live close to the camp location and don't need to fly?
    You may arrange for your own transportation to the camp location. In this
    case, if transportation is not provided by NRSC, the 15 years of age
    requirement for eligible students is changed to 14 years of age.

    Who will supervise my child at the camp?
    NRSC takes supervision 24/7 very seriously. We hire the best dorm staff from
    Alabama School for the Deaf, who are experienced in supervising students at
    night. During the day, our NRSC staff and chaperones supervise.

    How can parents or guardians contact their child in case of an
    NRSC will provide all parents with the necessary contact information one week
    before the scheduled flight occurs. This contact information will include
    emergency contact and the contact for the person that will meet your child at
    the gate at the airport.
    In the unlikely event, NRSC staff are not able to be reached, contact
    MarineLab directly at 305-451-1139.

    *Note: Students who are 14 years old are eligible to attend MarineLab if they
    provide their own transportation.