• Due to the pandemic, we are working on adding online content for teachers and students.  Below are some of the online/virtual training we can do.

    If you have any questions, please contact Jason Roop at roop.jason@aidb.org


    ACT/English & Reading Strategies

    We offer ACT Prep and strategies via Zoom.  We can do a Zoom webinar for teachers or a Zoom meeting with students (10th-12th).  We can break up sessions into parts spread over a week or a month.  We are flexible and will work with your schedule. 


    Robotics & Coding

    While it's always better to have hands-on activities with robotics, we realize that sometimes we need to do remote instruction.  We are able to offer live and pre-recorded training for teachers for the following:

    • Dash Robotics (6th-8th Grade)
    • Integrating Robotics with any subject's curriculum
    • VEX VR Coding (6th-12th Grade)
    • Scratch or any other online coding programs

    We are flexible and will work with your schedule.  We are able to do recurring sessions with your class if desired.

    We are currently developing more online mini-courses.



    At this time we have a pilot program where we offer a 2-year Cybersecurity Curriculum complete with lessons and materials.  Schools that commit a teacher to teach Cybersecurity are eligible for a week-long training via Zoom.  Teachers do not need to be computer experts.  The first-year curriculum has mostly online tools that students can use.  We have 5 lab-intensive activities we are currently moving online that will require the use of a web browser and is compatible with iPads, Windows and MacOS.  

    If you are interested in having your school participate in this pilot program, contact Jason Roop at roop.jason@aidb.org



    We are currently modifying our content for use online.  Check back later.