American Sign Language Classes

  • American Sign Language (ASL) Classes are offered continuously within the AIDB Birmingham Regional Center, including classes for Infants and Toddlers who have hearing loss or a speech delay and/or Spanish-speaking families who have a family member who is Deaf and who uses ASL.  Our Mommy and Me Classes meet on Thursdays and are at no cost to families. Community ASL Classes meet in the evenings once a week for 6-8 weeks, including a week off for Spring Break or Thanksgiving.  Classes meet at the Birmingham Regional Center with Introduction to ASL, ASL I, ASL II, and ASL III offered. Please contact 205-328-3989 if interested!

    • Tuition: $70
    • Textbooks: No textbook is required, but Internet access is helpful. We use the curriculum at
    • Eligibility:  Students may enroll at age 15. No children under age 15 permitted in the classroom.
    • Special Contracts: A growing number of organizations are interested in having their staff learn sign language to improve communication in the workplace. Special classes, tailored to meet the organization’s needs, can be arranged at the work location.  For more information, contact (205) 328-3989 or
    • No cash or credit cards Checks or money orders only, payable to AIDB-Birmingham.

    Refund Policy: No refunds after the second night of class.

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