Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Deaf. Blind. Limitless.

    Limitations live only in the mind. At AIDB, we believe in each and every individual’s full potential. If they can dream it, they can achieve it.

    Case Management

    The Case Manager makes appropriate referrals to state and local agencies to ensure services are provided based on that consumer’s individual needs.
    Assists consumers with filling out forms and applications, locating appropriate housing, and advocating for consumer rights in the area of deafness and loss of hearing.

    Adjustment Counseling

    The Case Manager counsels consumers on how to adapt to hearing loss and find assistive devices and resources in the community to help them live more independently.

    Assistive Technology

    The Case Manager helps consumers determine which assistive devices and apps will meet their needs at home or at work and can provide training as needed. 

    Public Awareness Presentations

    The Case Manager can give customized presentations at schools, churches, community agencies, police departments, hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, and businesses.  Presentations can be given on the following topics and more:

    • Deaf culture awareness
    • Technology and assistive devices
    • Accessible church services for deaf and hard of hearing
    • The Americans with Disabilities Act and how it impacts community agencies, hospitals, employers, and schools
    • Communicating with deaf or deaf/blind patients
    • Improving the workplace environment for deaf and hard of hearing employees