Cane Quest AL Logo, a dotted circle in orange with a siloutte of a city and a child with a cane in blue and dark blue

Alabama Regional: Cane Quest

If you give a kid a cane . . .

A National Program of the Braille Institute of America

  • STUDENT REGISTRATION: Student application and permission forms are due November 2nd.

    Scouts (grades 3-6) and Pioneers (Pioneers are students in grades 7 and up with O&M skills at the “Scouts” level)

    SCOUTS Application Form - To be completed by O&M Instructor

    SCOUTS Permission Form - To be completed by Parents

    SCOUTS Contest Rules - Read with each Student

     *Note, students with low vision can register in the B1 category if they want to participate/compete using a sleepshade. O&M instructors should make this decision after communicating and discussing with the student and guardian. Please indicate on the application if they are using a sleepshade.


    Family / Caregiver / Volunteer Registration Form

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