American Sign Language (ASL) Classes


    We host American Sign Language (ASL) classes every spring and fall semester, and we often host condensed courses in the summer for a reduced fee.  

    • Tuition: $70. No cash or credit cards.  Checks or money orders only, payable to AIDB-Huntsville. 
    • Refund Policy:  No refunds after the second night of class.
    • Textbooks:  No textbook is required, but internet access is helpful.  We use the curriculum at
    • Eligibility:  Students may enroll at age 15.  No children under age 15 permitted in the classroom.
    • Special Contracts:  A growing number of organizations are interested in having their staff learn sign language to improve communication with Deaf and hard of hearing employees in the workplace.  Special classes, tailored to meet the organization’s needs, can be arranged at the work location.  For more information, contact 256-539-7881.


    Spring 2022 registration is open through January 21, 2022: 

    Mail your email confirmation with your check or money order to:

    AIDB Huntsville RC

    Attn: ASL Class Coordinator

    600 Saint Clair Ave SW, Bldg 2

    Huntsville, AL 35801